About Amerta Edutravel

Amerta Edutravel is an Indonesian tour organizer. We offer plenty attractive tourism places which greatly demanded by both local and international tourists. The exotic tourist villages also the part of choices for you who wants to travel in-between learning attractive knowledges.

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Whenever you want to visit various tourism attractions, especially in Yogyakarta and around, we are ready to help to make your trip more enjoyable. For those who interested in tracing Indonesian culture, we do offer our special packages which will support your trip becomes a lot more comfortable and safe. We provide professional tour guides to ensure customer satisfaction.

Amerta Edutravel’s service includes the means of tourism attractions, bus reservations, service in arranging various tours, consumption during the trip and even accomodation such as hotel reservations. Our commitment is constantly being able to satisfy our customers by providing excellent and professional service.

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