5 Tourism Village Places in Yogyakarta: Best Places for Outbound and Village Tour

Spending time in Yogyakarta tourism villages could be the right choice to get a splendid holiday. Warm village atmosphere complete with the attractive ethnic matters such as learning batik, practicing Gamelan; a traditional form of music, fishing, and even bathing in the river are sort of choices everyone can go through. Visitors can certainly feel the awesome Yogyakarta atmosphere with its natural surroundings such as fields, rivers, or traditional fish ponds. It is available the trip packages including the trainings and outbound which are safe for children, adults or even the elder. Best Places for Outbound and Village Tour sure can get the refreshing atmosphere, additional trainings and also the chance to learn in such a wonderland.
Outbound has been being the most preferable activity for various backgrounds ranging from preschool children to college students, group of organizations, employees of the company, or a touring group coming from outside Yogyakarta. International tourists are usually enjoy driving around, doing the outbound and learning the local culture. There are plenty attractive outbound places in Yogyakarta and we exclusively review them which hopefully, cross your wish.

Best Places for Outbound and Village Tour by Amerta Edutravel
1. Brayut Tourism Village
This tourism village has been used as NgaYogjazz performances main place in 2012 and 2014. It also provides homestay and unique souvenirs such as furniture and typical Javanese trinkets, as well as some traditional Javanese games. Brayut Tourism Village is a smart choice for travellers who yearn the romance of the Javanese past life.

2. Tembi Tourism Village
This tourism village of is commonly called “Tembi House of Culture”. Visitors will be pampered by the atmosphere of Javanese community activities such as the manufacture of variety handicrafts, wide range of photos and images of ancient Javanese lifecycle from their birth such as Tedhak Sinten, Mitoni, Tetakan and the other ceremonies until the process marriage.

3. Gilangharjo Tourism Village
If you are interested in taking outbound or training package themed of local culture, Gilangharjo is the best recommendation. This because visitors will be able to learn to paint masks and puppets, learn to create batik ornaments in the local resident houses. Creativity and entrepreneurship training can also obtained as this village offers the facility in the form of making waste into unique crafts and antiques.

4. Pentingsari Tourism Village
Pentingsari tourism village provides various preferences such as making batik, learning Gamelan, creating puppet, dancing the classic Javanese dances and others. There are also many other enciting alternatives such as the mud football, fish catching, footbridge pond and many more. Pentingsari village provides complete facility for visitors including homestay, camping ground, and a large area for any outdoor activities and so on.

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