Professional Exotic Yogyakarta Tourism Packages

Amerta Edutravel offers professional exotic Yogyakarta tourism packages. The romantism and popularity of this special region of Indonesia can never be dimmed. Various kind of tourism places available here with every single special attraction on each place. Beautiful natural attraction such as Merapi Mountain, Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano, beautiful hills, karst plateau and the white, brown or even black sand beaches are ready to be explored. The indigenous cultural Yogyyakarta’s heritage maintained well so that every tourist able to feel the ancient Jogja atmosphere from every corner of this special region because of the only province in Indonesia which still lead by a King, the Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. There are some heritage buildings which remain unchanged through time periods such as Kraton (Yogyakarta Palace), Tamansari Water Castle, Vredeburg Fort and many others. Various culture festivals are determinedly maintained and held such as Grebeg Syawal, Larung Hasil Bumi or floating crops in the sea for mystic reasons and also washing ancient heirlooms.


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Professional Exotic Yogyakarta Tourism Packages


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Amerta Edutravel offers professional exotic Yogyakarta tourism packages with various tourism packages starting from 1 day tour service, 2 days and a night service, and the following services based on customer needs. We are designed to serve both private and group tours, whether the participants are 2-6 persons up to hundreds of participants.

Amerta Edutavel is the tour and travel agency based in Yogyakarta which has years of experience serving plenty tourism packages demands from various customer needs. Besides in Yogyakarta, we also serve tours in Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, Semarang, Bali and so on. We do offer special packages such as Outbound and Village Tours in the chosen Tourist Villages as well. Furthermore, the service also covers leadership and teamwork training which available not only for individuals but also for companies and students.

We propose the affordable yet professional service for your travelling dreams. We offer guaranteed travel guide, meal service, accommodation and any additional needs to ensure your journey becoming enjoyable, convenient and unforgettable.

You can freely choose your desired professional service wherever you want. If Yogyakarta is your option and you love extreme tourism objects then Merapi Lava Tour might be a good choice. This package fit the most with your adventure passion. You will be able trace the Merapi Eruption remnants from the disaster happened in 2010 which was enormously destroyed local’s houses and neighbourhood. Huge rocks were flying followed by dense ashes during the clamity happened and now becoming incredible place to visit. Another extreme yet enjoyable tour package in Yogyakarta is climbing the Nglanggeran ancient volcano. This ex-volcano provides relatively easy hills to be climbed with beautiful scenery around.

Gunung Kidul, as one of Yogyakarta regency, offers so many unpredictable tourism places such as Pindul Cave Tubing, virgin beautiful beaches such as Pok Tunggal, Ngrenehan, Indrayanti or Ngrumput beaches; also some hidden waterfalls such as Sri Gethuk or Kandang waterfalls. This place becomes one of the most demanding places to visit both by local or international tourists.

Wherever and whenever You are coming from, Amerta Edutravel is ready to accompany your holiday becoming more enjoyable, convenient and safe. We will always prioritize our customer satisfaction. Amerta Edutravel is the professional and experienced travel service provider.

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