The Amazing Village Tour and Outbound with PT. KIEVIT Indonesia in Pentingsari Village

Saturday, August 22nd 2015 was a special moment for Amerta Edutravel as we got the opportunity to accompany PT. KIEVIT Indonesia enjoying our Outbound and Village Tour package in Pentingsari Tourism Village. This beautiful village is located in Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The activity was started with Amazing Race, where visitors could cycle around the village enjoying the fresh air as this location is very near to Merapi Mountain. Then, all participants were given motivational and working performance effectiveness by the chosen trainers. It was then followed by Village Tour where participants were enjoying typical ancient Javanese activities and finally continued by outbound which was designed to develop participants’ motoric and team work capability.
The activities that was conducted were specially chosen by PT. KEIVIT Indonesia in accordance with employees’ need as there are plenty choices available in this Tourism Village. The Village Tour chosen activities were making Batik, Grass Puppet, Janur Ornament and playing Gamelan. The chosen outbound activity were catching the eel, managing the leaking pipes, footbridge pond, fishing, playing football and playing with test tube. These exciting activity series were taken by 225 employees, including some manager representatives from Singapore.
The adventure continued with a visit to Kampung Jamu which also known as Traditional Park, located in the west of Pentingsari Village where it took only less than a five-minute bus ride. In Kampung Jamu participants could freely learn about various herbs species and learn how to process the herbal medicine into dried herbs medicine in order to make it more durable. Participants also gained the knowledge of how to make a successful traditional herbal business which able to enter international markets. Participants were also comforted by the presence of live music which was successfully revived and enlivened the atmosphere though the participants were tired after a day of draining energy activity.
Amerta Edutravel as travelling service provider which emphasize on the value of education and local culture wisdom always attempts to give the best service. We have been improving our cooperation with dozens of village tourisms in Yogyakarta and around for various kinds of outbound, village tours, trainings, outingclass and the other travelling packages. We do also offer travelling consultation for your customized desired travelling journeys.
Wherever and whenever you are coming from, Amerta Edutravel is ready to accompany your holiday becoming more enjoyable, convenient and safe. Amerta Edutravel is the professional and experienced travel service provider.


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