The Extreme Merapi Lava Tour in Yogyakarta

After the Merapi Mountain eruption in 2010, new tourism places emerge and potential to be developed. This potential begun with public interset to witness the impact of Merapi Mountain eruption. The unbearabele citizen animo is followed up by the initiation in making the Merapi Lava Tour package by the locals. This package excusively offers the eruption traces which was sucessfully destroyed the Merapi moutain slope and around Kaliurang region.


Merapi Mountain is one of the most active volcano in the world. Sturdy stands on the north of Yogyakarta, it resembles a cone seen from the distance. Even a slight glance can make everyone getting enchanted by its beauty. The former eruption remnants from 2010 clearly depicted how enermous this disaster was. Roads were full of ashes and sand created a condition where only certain transportation mode able to cross through. Thus, visitors will be offered Jeep to explore Merapi exclusively.

Enjoying The Extreme Merapi Lava Tour in Yogyakarta, you will be given a special chance to go around using Jeep starting from Rp 250.000 for 2-3 hours in which a Jeep able to load 4-5 people. This offer is affordable and cheap enough compared to the fantastic experience you will get in this tour.

Kaliurang region can be reached from Yogyakarta city centre using a variety of vehicles within 45 minutes. Besides the Merapi Lava Tour, Kaliurang region also consists of some other interesting tourims places nearby such as the pure honey cultivation and traditional herbs beverage (jamu) in Traditional Park which scientifically proven being useful for human body.

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